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Course Planning Documents

Course Planning Documents
The following documents will be helpful to you throughout this course. Read through them now so that you are familiar with them and then reference them during the course as needed.

The course syllabus can be downloaded and printed or saved. It will provide an overview of course expectations and assignments.

This downloadable three-month course calendar will help you to track your assignment due dates!

This handbook contains explanations of all CMI Online administrative and academic policies. You should be aware of these as a student. Please read through the handbook so that you will know what is expected as you proceed through the course.

Although online interaction will be different than in a typical classroom setting, it is a key component of online education. Whether you communicate through e-mail, chat sessions, or the online discussion forum, you should do so politely, following the guidelines given. Please download and carefully read the Course Communication Guidelines so that you will be ready to effectively communicate in this online course.