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Bible Lesson Practicum

Week 10: March 23-29, 2021

Practicum Explanation

The online student has been assigned a Bible Lesson to teach for this practicum time. Several worksheets have already been completed by the student and evaluated by the online instructor in order to help prepare the student for this teaching time. The student should bring a lesson visual and Bible to use during the practicum. If the student does not have a lesson visual and/or a Bible, please note this in the Overall Presentation comments section on the Bible Lesson Observation Sheet.

The practicum should be 15-20 minutes in length from start to finish. Please be sure to record the beginning and ending time on your Bible Lesson Observation Sheet. The student is allowed to refer to notes on the back of the lesson visual, or can discreetly place notes in his or her Bible. These notes should not be read during the practicum. They should only serve as an outline for the student to refer to while teaching. If the student appears to be reading the information, please note this in the Overall Presentation comments section on the Bible Lesson Observation Sheet.

During the practicum, the online student should teach the assigned Bible lesson as if teaching to a classroom of children. You, as the proctor, should respond as a child would when appropriate (to answer a question, or participate in some way, etc.). In a typical practicum setting, other students are included in the audience. This allows them to participate as children freeing the proctor up to focus on recording observations during the practicum time. If there are other adults who would like to participate as the audience during the student’s practicum time, it would be beneficial to both you and the student.

As the student is teaching the Bible lesson, the method taught in TCE Level 1 should be followed. This method of teaching a Bible lesson begins by introducing the lesson in a creative way and then weaving the gospel points from the Wordless Book into the story in a natural way. The truths from the gold, dark and red pages will be taught at specific locations in the Bible story and an invitation for salvation will be given at the end of the lesson. For specific details about this method, please view the Bible Lesson Presentation and the Bible Lesson Observation Sheet both found below.

Sample Bible Lesson Presentation

If you have not seen a Bible lesson taught following this method, please take time to watch the video presentation below. In this video, you will see a Bible lesson taught in the same manner that the practicum should be completed by the online student. Becoming familiar with this teaching method will enable you to recognize each step as the student teaches it in his or her practicum. You will also want to watch carefully to see how each of the gospel points is woven into the story.

Before watching the presentation, download and print the Bible Lesson Observation Sheet below. This is the same form you will be using when observing the student’s practicum. In order to become familiar with the layout, have a pen or pencil ready and fill out the Observation Sheet as you would if observing a practicum. Doing this will help you identify each section of the lesson and note what is taught in each one as you will need to do during your observation of the online student.

Observation Sheets

The file below is the Bible Lesson Observation Sheet that you will need to fill out during the student’s practicum time. If you have not already used the Bible Lesson Observation Sheet in conjunction with the Bible Lesson presentation above, please look over the Bible Lesson Observation Sheet now and become familiar with it prior to the practicum time. (NOTE: This Observation Sheet is NOT the same as the Evaluation Form found in the TCE Level 1 manual. Do not use that form. Use the one provided here.)

To help the online instructor assign an accurate grade, please provide as many details on the Bible Lesson Observation Sheet about the practicum as possible. Comments that would help the instructor would be details about the introduction that was used; specific ways concepts were explained during the gospel teaching times; and general descriptions of how the lesson flowed.

Once the practicum is complete, you can give general feedback to the student as appropriate, but you should keep the observation sheet as it will be needed to provide information to the online instructor. Let the student know that specific observations as well as a practicum grade will be received from the online instructor.

You will need to save the file below to your computer. When you save the file on your computer, please name it Bible Lesson Observation Sheet Student’s Name. Print the form, take it to the practicum and fill it out as the student teaches.

Submission to Online Instructor

Once the practicum is complete, open the Bible Lesson Observation Sheet file saved to your computer and enter the information you recorded on the Bible Lesson Observation Sheet during the practicum time. Once you have done this, save the file and close it.

Click the Assignments Block below to submit the completed Bible Lesson Observation Sheet to the online instructor for use in assigning a grade to the online student. Please contact the online instructor if you have any problems.

In order to provide prompt feedback to the online student, please submit the Bible Lesson Observation Sheet to the online instructor at the end of the week that the practicum is due (Monday at 11:55 pm Central Time).