General Information

What is the purpose of the Children’s Ministries Institute?

What is the philosophy of CMI? How did CMI begin?

What are the basic beliefs of CMI?

Where is CMI located?


How do I know if CMI is right for me?

Who can attend CMI?

How do I apply?

What is the application fee?

A one time application fee of $35.00 is required with application for enrollment into any course taken on campus or any full eight week course taken online.

After I have applied, when will I hear from you?

Once we receive your application and your completed reference forms, our academic committee will review your application and make a decision about your application.  The student is responsible for making sure that all reference forms are received.  When the application form and the reference forms have arrived, you will be notified within one week as to whether or not you are accepted.

Programs and Courses

What diplomas and certificated does CMI offer?

How do I find descriptions of the courses offered at CMI?

When are courses offered?

What types of training do you offer?

CMI provides different training programs to allow students a variety of options that meet their individual needs.  We provide programs and courses related to Children’s Ministries, Teacher Training, and Leadership Training.

Where is training available?

Training is available on site in Warrenton, Missouri; in regional and international areas; and online.

If I enroll in the CMI Diploma program, would I be able to take some classes on campus and some classes online?

Yes, students have the convenience of taking some classes on campus and some classes online.  CEF directors may choose to take part of their 12 week training online, but certain courses must be taken on campus.  See program descriptions for further details.

Transfer and Continuing Education Credits

Is it possible to receive college credit for courses taken at CMI?

Will I receive Continuing Education Units (CEU) for courses at CMI?

CMI On Campus Experience

What are the students like?

 CMI students range in age from recent high school graduates to people in their 60s and 70s.

What are the class sizes?

Class sizes range, but the number of students in the core group that attends all 12 weeks is usually around 25.

What can I expect from my instructors?

Instructors work closely with students in small group practical assignments, encouraging their academic and spiritual development.  The ratio of instructors to students is generally 1/5 for many courses.

What is the atmosphere like?

CMI provides a warm, friendly atmosphere where lifelong friendships can develop.  Married students with children and single students living in the same building immediately create a family atmosphere.

What kinds of activities are available?

You will enjoy theme nights, volleyball games, basketball, sightseeing trips, and other recreational activities.  In addition, daily morning devotions and weekly group prayer meetings will enrich your spiritual life.

Where will I live if I decide to attend CMI in Warrenton?

CMI offers private rooms for all single students and apartments at affordable costs for married couples with children.  Apartments range in size from 2-3 bedrooms with cooking facilities.  Your living accommodations will be ready and waiting for you.  There is no extra charge for children living in apartments.  Apartment space is limited so please apply and register for courses as soon as possible. Priority use of apartments is given to those attending the full twelve week program. 

What is located in the Warrenton area?

Warrenton is a small, but growing, town with plenty of stores and eating places to meet students’ needs.  The surrounding towns and the city of St. Louis provide many additional shopping, cultural and recreational facilities.  The quiet campus is situated on over 600 acres of rolling hills, and includes a small lake, a swimming pool and picnic areas.  The peaceful atmosphere provides a pleasant place for students to walk, play or just relax.

Where will I eat?

A beautiful dining room is available for your convenience to serve students breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Students and their families living in the apartments have the choice of cooking for themselves or eating in the dining room.  A meal plan should be prepared for families before arriving on campus. If after filling out the Registration form you still have questions, contact the CMI Registrar to help design your individualized food plan and price.

Do I need to bring a computer or are there computer labs on campus?

You are welcome to bring your own computer or use the computer lab and library.  Computer lab and library hours are 7:00am-10:30pm (Monday-Friday) and 8:00am-10:30pm (Saturday and Sunday).  An additional fee of $5.00 per week or $60.00 maximum is accessed for use of the computer lab.

CMI Online

Does CMI offer an online program or courses?

Yes, CMI offers a variety of online courses to fit the needs of individual students and groups.  Please see the CMI Online Learning Site for more details.

CEF Staff Questions

If I want to work as a director for CEF, under which program should I enroll?

CEF staff members are required to complete the CMI 12 week diploma program.

As a CEF director if I enroll in the CMI Diploma program, would I be able to take some classes online?

Yes, CEF staff members may be able to take part of the 12 week training online, but certain courses must be taken on campus.  See program descriptions for details.

If I complete the CMI 12 week diploma plan, will I be assured a job with CEF?

Attendance at CMI does not necessarily guarantee employment with Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Transcript Requests

How do I request a transcript?

Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Certificate Requests

How do I request a Continuing Education Unit (CEU) certificate?