On-Campus CM202 Teaching Children Effectively Level 1

The Teaching Children Effectively Level 1 is a six-day course designed to equip local church members to reach children for Christ in various settings including Good News Clubs® in the community and public schools as well as other children’s classes. Attention is focused on the lostness of the child without Christ and the biblical basis for child evangelism. 

Course Requirements: This class includes three practicums and five practical teaching opportunities with children in the context of a Good News Club/5-Day Club®, applying the knowledge gained in the course according to post-course standards. In order to complete these course requirements, you will need to do the following after registering for this course: 

This course is designed to emphasize methods of evangelism, such as The Wordless Book and the evangelistic Bible lesson. Students are also instructed on how to conduct evangelistic children’s classes in various venues. The course provides practical training, thus enabling students to teach in a Good News Club program immediately. In addition to regular course work, to receive a certificate, students are required to teach in the context of a Good News Club/5-Day Club, applying the knowledge gained in the course. 

  • Practicums – This course will require three teaching practicums designed to provide practice in the teaching methods learned in the course before using them to teach children. After you enroll in the course, you will be given more detailed instructions. 
  • Locate Real-world Teaching Assignment Locations – This course requires five teaching times with children in a Good News Club/5-Day Club setting after the course, using the methods learned. You may work with your local CEF office to determine a location(s) where you can teach children to complete the requirements of the course. 

The Course Syllabus displayed below describes the objectives and assignments for this course.  


  • Born again Christian   
  • High School graduate   

To get started, click on one of the Lessons or Topics listed in the Course Content Menu below for more information about both the course and submitting homework assignments. 

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Course Includes

  • 14 Lessons
  • 12 Topics
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