CM203 Teaching Children Effectively™ Level 2

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This is a 12-week course designed to provide biblical principles and practical methods for guiding the saved child in the ongoing process of spiritual growth. The course is based on the premise that effective teaching of the Word of God produces change. In addition to regular course work, students are required to teach in five real-world children’s classes to receive a certificate.

You can download the Course Syllabus displayed below to take a look at the assignments for this course before deciding to enroll in this course.

Prerequisite course: CM202 Teaching Children Effectively™ Level 1 (with certificate requirements met)

Course Requirements: This class includes two practicums and five real-world teaching assignments. In order to complete these course requirements, you will need to do the following after registering for this course:

  • Connect with a Proctor – This course will require two teaching practicums designed to provide practice in the teaching methods learned in the course before actually using them to teach children. You will need to secure a proctor to observe these two practicums. After you enroll in the course, you will be given more detailed instructions and the necessary forms.
  • Locate a Real-world Teaching Assignment Location – This course requires five teaching times with children in a real-world classroom setting using the methods learned in the course. You must have a location available where you can teach children during this twelve-week course.

All students must order their own course materials. These are available from Child Evangelism Fellowship's press store. By clicking on a link below, you will be taken to the CEF Press® website.

You need to place your order early enough to allow time for your materials to be delivered to you before the course begins. USA students should allow two weeks for processing and shipping. International students should allow four-six weeks for processing and shipping. (NOTE: Orders are not processed on weekends or holidays.)

There are 2 different course material options described below. Choose the option that is appropriate for you.
The difference between the two options is that Option 1 includes God: The One Who Knows My Heart materials used with this course and Option 2 does not.

The God: The One Who Knows My Heart kit includes the following items in a convenient tote:

  • God: The One Who Knows My Heart flashcard visuals
  • God: The One Who Knows My Heart lesson text
  • God: The One Who Knows My Heart music CD
  • God: The One Who Knows My Heart Resource Pack including memory verse visuals (KJV or ESV) and a missionary story titled The Pinedas: Faith in the Storm
  • Four visualized songs (God's Way, What's the News?, Christ Redeemed Us, Jesus is Caring for You)

The God: The One Who Knows My Heart teaching kit includes everything you need to teach five classes with kids. You will be using materials in this lesson series for homework and practicum assignments during this course. If you DO NOT already have everything in this set, you MUST purchase Option 1.Option 1:
Everything listed above plus the TCE™ Level 2 student manual with TCE™ Level 2 Resource CD

Click here to Purchase Option 1 with KJV verse visuals

Click here to Purchase Option 1 with ESV verse visuals

Option 2:
TCE™ Level 2 student manual with TCE™ Level 2 Resource CD

Click here to Purchase Option 2

If you have questions about ordering your course materials, email the CMI Online Administrator or call 1.636.456.4321.

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Course Includes

  • 19 Lessons
  • 51 Topics
  • 2 Quizzes
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