Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Visualized Song Copy

Design one of the following evangelistic visualized songs applying the techniques and guidelines presented in the course. This visual should be used in your Party Club.

  • “I Do Believe, I Now Believe”
  • “My God is Great” (2nd verse)
  • “Sing about Jesus” (Note: “Sing about Jesus” has the words provided for all three verses. If you choose to visualize this song, only verses one and two are required.)

The words and music have been provided for you. They can be found in the Progressive Methods of Child Evangelism Supplementary Materials that you downloaded from Box. You can copy and paste these words into your document to make your flashcard or PowerPoint visualized song. A PowerPoint song visual can only be created if you will use PowerPoint in your Party Club. If there is another evangelistic song that you would like to visualize for use in your Party Club, be sure to get approval from your instructor. Do not create song visuals that are already available from CEF Press®.

If you would like to use the S-A-L-V-A-T-I-O-N song as a part of your Party Club, the music and lyrics are provided below.

Sources for pictures:

  • Box.com (See information on how to download the images included with the Designing Visuals video class session.)
  • Google “images” or “free clip art” (Make sure the images you choose are not protected by copyrights.)


  • Read your notes and follow all instructions that pertain to your visual.
  • Number ALL pages (not required for a PowerPoint visual).
  • Include the music and source where the music can be found on the last page of the flashcard visual or PowerPoint slides.
  • Include the copyright line with the song title in the first flashcard or slide.

Be sure to view the Evangelistic Visualized Song Grading Sheet below to see how your song will be evaluated before submitting your assignment. Please note: Spouses or ministry partners should visualize different songs.

When you are sure that you have met the guidelines for this assignment, upload your song visual in the Assignments block below.

Please submit by Monday at 11:55 PM.