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Progressive Methods of Child Evangelism Week 6 Forum Discussion: Resource Research Copy

Locate at least two books, articles, or websites that focus on making and/or using puppets, face painting, balloon sculpting, or another method used in children’s ministry. Describe three new ideas or concepts that you discovered that would be beneficial as you minister to children. Explain how you will use this information in your ministry area. Be specific and concise. Also, provide enough information so that someone else can locate the information. This research will help you and your classmates learn more about different teaching methods used in children’s ministry. 

Referencing the course material in your initial post and two of the follow-up posts is required (See the Citation Guide found in the Course Planning Documents section of this course for bibliography and in-text citation guidelines). Be sure to read the forum rubric before composing and submitting your post. Your post should be 300-400 words.

After completing your research, post your findings (300-400 words) in the Week 6 Forum Discussion by Friday at 11:55 PM (Central Time).

Return to the Week 6 Forum (via the link at the bottom of this page) after Friday, and respond (100-200 words) to at least two posts written by your classmates. Include references to course content in your responses.

Your responses (100-200 words each, including references to course content) need to be posted to the Week 6 Forum by 11:55 PM Monday (Central Time).