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Progressive Methods of Child Evangelism Week 4 Forum Discussion: Defense Paper and Discussion Copy

By the end of this week, you will complete and submit the final draft of the defense paper that you started at the beginning of the course. Using the notes that you have taken, course readings, forum discussion comments, and personal research write a 12-page minimum – 20-page maximum paper defending child evangelism. (This page count does not include the title page, table of contents, or the bibliography page.) 

Carefully review the Defense Paper Requirements listed below before finalizing your paper:


  • 12-page minimum – 20-page maximum (Does not include the title page, table of contents or bibliography page)
  • Title page – Title of paper, Instructor’s name, your name, date
  • Table of contents
  • Double-spaced, 10-12 point type (Times New Roman), Verdana, Calibri, or Arial)
  • Bold each heading.
  • Do not type out the Scripture portion.
  • Pages must be numbered.
  • Include in-text citations to denote when you are quoting a person or referring to a particular book or article. All quotes must be in quotation marks. If the quote is longer than 5 lines, it must be indented and single-spaced.
  • Include at least three quotes from Christian leaders to support your arguments spaced throughout the document (must be documented in the footnotes).
  • Include a bibliography page at the end of your paper.

Specific Requirements:

  • Introduction: need to evangelize children
    • Minimum of two paragraphs (minimum ten sentences and one page)
    • Include the following:
      • Scripture
      • At least one quote from a famous person on child evangelism
      • Statistics
  • Body: Detailed discussion of the biblical basis of child evangelism using the passages listed below. Explain each biblical passage, drawing logical conclusions based on lectures, reading and personal research. Included in the body are the four philosophies, supporting evidence for child evangelism and the Christian’s responsibility today, as discussed in class or found in personal research. (Note: Do not include your personal opinion about what we should be doing today in regards to teaching our children. Simply explain what the passages teach.)
  • Old Testament Passages
    • Deuteronomy 4:1-10
    • Deuteronomy 6:1-9
    • Deuteronomy 11:18-21
    • Deuteronomy 31:9-13
    • Psalm 78:1-8
      • One paragraph minimum for each passage (at least half page in length)
      • Include key Hebrew words and explain their meanings in relation to child evangelism
      • Include quotes or illustrations
      • Other supporting scripture
      • Draw a conclusion about how these passages relate to child conversion today
  • The Gospels
    • Matthew 18:1-14 (in-depth) – two-page minimum
    • Mark 10:13-16 – one-page minimum
      • Include key Greek words explaining their meanings in relation to child evangelism
      • Include appropriate quotes or illustrations
      • Other supporting scripture
  • The Epistles
    • Ephesians 1:1-3; 6:1-4
    • Colossians 1:1-2; 3:20-21
    • Titus 1:6
      • One paragraph minimum for each passage (at least half page in length)
      • Include key Greek words explaining their meanings in relation to child evangelism
      • Include quotes and illustrations
      • Other supporting scripture
  • Discuss the four philosophies
    • Type out (single-spaced, even when shorter than 5 lines) the philosophy exactly as stated in the class notes.
    • Include at least one full paragraph on why you agree or disagree.
    • Use Scripture to support your belief.
    • Include quotes, testimonies, statistics, or illustrations.
  • Other supporting evidence that needs to be included
    • Your personal testimony (or someone who was saved as a child) – one paragraph
    • Testimonies of Christian leaders saved at an early age
    • Requirements for salvation – faith vs. reason – one paragraph
  • Discuss the Christian responsibility today – one paragraph minimum
  • Conclusion
    Draw the paper together with final conclusions about child conversion – one or two paragraphs

Review the Defense Paper Grading Rubric to see how your paper will be graded by your instructor.

When you are satisfied that you have met all requirements, upload your paper in the Week 4 Forum as a document. Your classmates will then be able to provide you with helpful suggestions that you might use to fine-tune your paper before submitting it for grading.

After completing your defense paper, upload the document in the Week 4 Forum Discussion by Friday at 11:55 PM (Central Time). The sooner you upload your paper to the Week 4 Forum, the sooner you can benefit from your classmates’ feedback.

Return to the Week 4 Forum (via the link at the bottom of this page) after you have submitted your paper and read and respond to two classmates’ papers. A maximum of two responses should be made for each paper, so if you see that a paper already has two responses, choose another paper to read. When responding, provide comments that will stimulate your classmates’ thinking and help them improve their paper. Provide specific revision ideas based on course content, your research, or your experience. You might ask expansive questions or comment on their paper by agreeing or disagreeing with certain parts. Be sure to give specific reasons or examples as to why you agree or disagree. Referencing the course content and/or research is required in your follow up posts. Also, be sure to answer any questions that classmates post, and follow each conversation to a logical conclusion. Each response should be 200-300 words.

Your two responses (200-300 words each, including references to course content) need to be posted to the Week 3 Forum by 11:55 PM Monday (Central Time).