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Party Club Location

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In addition to observing the Party Club, you may be asked to help secure a teaching location for the online student in a nearby Good News Club® or 5-Day Club® where the Party Club can be conducted. If you agreed to do this, the following information will be helpful to you as you make plans.

  • The club should not be a preschool club as this course focuses on teaching kids between five and twelve years old.
  • A background check has not been completed prior to enrollment in this course. If the student is teaching in a Good News Club or 5-Day Club, the local office will need to complete a background check before the student attends the first club.
  • Students will be using a specific curriculum that they should use throughout the course when preparing their assignments.
  • The student will need to prepare and conduct an entire Party Club during the course.

Be sure to communicate with the student in advance regarding the club location, time, etc. If for some reason a teaching assignment cannot be completed during a specific week above, please contact the online instructor before the assignment due date so that other arrangements can be worked out.