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Leadership Essentials Week 1 Forum Discussion: Leadership Traits Copy

Think about the course reading, video material and your previous leadership experience. Identify the leader who will be your mentor for this course. Discuss the three leadership traits you consider to be the most important that make him or her a successful Christian leader. Describe how and why these are important characteristics for leaders in ministry.

Referencing the course material is required. Use the CMI citation guide to properly cite your sources and the communication guidelines to see what should be included in your forum post. These documents can be found in the Course Planning Documents section of the course. You can also use the forum rubric to see how your forums will be graded. This document can be found in the Grading Policies and Information section of the course.

Your forum post should be 300-400 words.

Due: This needs to be done by Friday at 11:55 pm Central Time.

Write responses in the forum to two other students’ posts with comments that will stimulate their thinking. You might ask expansive questions or agree or disagree with certain parts. Be sure to give specific reasons or examples as to why you agree or disagree. Include personal accounts, reasons, or examples to support comments that you make. Referencing course content is required in at least two of the follow up posts. Be sure to answer any questions that other students ask you and follow each conversation to a logical conclusion.

Each of your two responses should be 150-200 words.

Due: This needs to be done by Monday at 11:55 pm Central Time.