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Course Requirements

  • Proctor: You are required to plan and teach in a Party Club during week 9 of this course. This assignment is designed to provide an opportunity for you to practice the teaching methods learned. You will need to contact an approved proctor to observe and provide feedback about your Party Club. You may submit the name and contact information of an individual in your area that you feel is qualified to serve as your proctor for this course. Please send your proctor request to [email protected] for approval at least two weeks before the course begins. See the Proctor/Practicum Information section of the course for proctor confirmation details.
  • Location for Real-world Teaching Assignments: This course requires one teaching time with children in a classroom using the methods presented. You must have a location available where you can teach an entire Party Club with children present during Week 9 of the course. If you are not able to secure a location for your Party Club, your proctor may be able to help. See the Real-world Teaching Assignment section of this course for more details.

Note concerning real-world teaching assignments while social distancing requirements are in place: If it is not possible for you to complete your real-world teaching assignments in a face-to-face setting, you have the option of teaching children online, following the guidelines found in the Good News Across the Web Online Manual found in the Course Planning Documents section of this course.

Instructional Methods
Demonstrations presented by the video instructors will provide you with practical training. Individual assignments and community forum discussions will allow you to interact with the curriculum on both a personal and interpersonal level. The real-world teaching Party Club assignment will provide you with an opportunity to utilize newly gained skills as you teach children in a real-world setting during this online course.

Learning Outcomes
By the conclusion of this course you will:
• Compose a research paper defining and defending the theology of conversion of children
• Design one evangelistic visualized song applying techniques and guidelines presented in the course
• Plan and participate in an evangelistic Party Club outreach utilizing the methods taught in the course