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Course Overview Copy

Instructional Methods
A portion of the course content will be delivered in video format. Links to additional resources will be provided.  Your learning will be enhanced by reading books related to Generation Z and discussing the content in online forums. Researched Scripture passages will also be discussed in online forums. You will gain first-hand knowledge of Generation Z children as you complete surveys and summarize the results. You will then share your findings in an online forum discussion. You will also discover ways to adapt your teaching methods and materials in ways that are culturally relevant by developing and implementing evangelistic and growth teaching for Generation Z children.

Learning Outcomes
Through the online Ministry to Generation Z course, you will grow in your awareness of the culture of Generation Z children and learn ways to adapt your teaching resources and methodologies in clear and culturally relevant ways. The following specific objectives will help you reach these goals:

  • You will commit to praying for Generation Z children, recognizing their need for dependence on God in reaching children for Christ in a post-Christian context.
  • You will complete a pre-course quiz, answering questions that show your knowledge of Generation Z characteristics. You will complete a similar post-course quiz that will demonstrate your increased understanding of Generation Z children.
  • You will develop an understanding of the Generation Z culture by reading three recommended books on the topic, writing a reflective summary of the content of that book, and interacting with other students regarding information shared from the books they read.
  • You will examine Scripture passages regarding generations and explain how these texts apply to ministry to children of future generations.
  • You will survey Generation Z children in real-world settings, comparing your findings to research studies you have read regarding the Generation Z cohort.
  • You will develop a Gospel presentation appropriate for Generation Z children and then present the Gospel to a Generation Z child (or group of children) in a real-world setting. 
  • You will develop a Christian Growth presentation appropriate for Generation Z children and then present that teaching to a Christian Generation Z child (or group of children) in a real-world setting.