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Comprehending the Bible Passage and Bible Lesson Assignment 3 Copy

Watch the video class session on Comprehending and Applying the Bible Passage and follow along with the corresponding notes in your TCE Level 2 Student Manual beginning on page 67. Feel free to watch the video as many times as you would like and to use the controls to move through the presentations at your own pace.

Download the “Comprehending and Applying the Bible Passage” worksheet to use for Bible Lesson Assignment 3. (The same worksheet is found in your student manual on page 173.)

1.  Think through the questions found in the comprehending step (page 65). Determine the main biblical principle found in your Bible passage. Use the “Comprehending and Applying the Bible Passage” worksheet. When completing this assignment, please be sure to write out your insights on the Comprehending step. 

2.  Answer the four questions about the problem/dilemma, God’s solution/intervention, climax, and the conclusion. This will help you to determine where to apply the passage to the life of the saved child. Continue to use the “Comprehending and Applying the Bible Passage” worksheet provided..

3.  Mark the climax and the conclusion on your outline. Use the same “Working On the Bible Lesson” worksheet you used for Assignment 2.

When complete, upload your worksheets in the Assignments block below. 
Please submit by Monday at 11:55 PM, Central Time.