Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Activity: Assemble Romans Road Tool

Print out and assemble the Romans Road Tool. Trim off the edges; tape the sheets together and fan fold with the first page facing up. It is recommended that you print out the Romans Road visual aid on card stock so that it will be easier to use. A mini Romans Road tool (two per page) is also provided. This visual can easily be carried in your pocket or wallet to have readily available to share with a small group of children. You might want to print extras to give to children who want to share the Gospel with their friends.  Also print out the Romans Road script as a study guide. 

You will use this visual aid throughout the course as you practice the presentation. Practicing each part of the presentation aloud will help you solidify the concepts and learn to verbalize them on a child’s level. The script will be a helpful resource for you to see how to explain words and concepts so a child will understand them.

A PowerPoint® presentation of the Romans Road tool is also provided for you that you can use for your presentation in week three of the course. 

You can also find a PowerPoint® presentation with step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the Romans Road