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Week 5 Coursework

This week you will dig deep into God’s Word as you get to know a little about the characters that have an active role in your Bible lesson passage. You will also identify the locations where the activity took place, as well as the time in history. Make a list of the events that you see unfold within the passage. This Progression of Events will serve as the outline for your Bible lesson. For Assignment 3, you will answer questions that will help you determine the biblical principles that are observed in the passage. Then you will determine what one biblical principle stands out among the rest as the main biblical principle that was true for the original receivers of this narrative and is still true today. Ask God to guide you in this process.

You will also have the opportunity to present The Wordless Book to your proctor for evaluation this week! You are making significant progress! Keep up the good work! Your assignments and activities for this week will be described below in the recommended order of completion.

Be sure that you make arrangements for your Real-World Teaching for next week (The Wordless Book or an evangelistic Scripture Memory Verse).