• Russell Grigsby

    January 27, 2024 at 2:07 pm

    Laeticia, I really appreciate how you identified the noble trait in your nephew of seeking to encourage or defend others, even if the end result was sinful because it was untrue. My wife and I are mindful of shaping natural, good qualities, in our daughters, rather than lambasting them altogether because they were used in a sinful way. Redirection is so key. The Lord is also graciously holding a mirror to my own face in this role as a Local Coordinator with CEF. I have discovered a temptation to embellish numbers for the sake of securing partnerships with churches/schools. As if God needed my help, LOL. I had to repent of this just the other day. My intentions started out noble (partnership), but the ends cannot justify the means! Wow, so much of what we are teaching the kids applies to us. God bless you as you instruct your nephew.