• Sharon Massey

    January 25, 2024 at 9:22 pm

    That is very disappointing when children steal from the class. In one club I had children who took more than one snack, leaving us short. Two first graders began to cry because they did not have a snack. I just said … “ya know… God knows who took extra snacks”. I just stood there, everyone was really quiet., except the two who were just sobbing.. no one tattled but some students were giving ‘looks’ at the culprits and all but one of them came and put the snacks back on the table.

    Somehow, sometime… the child has to feel guilt. They have to develop that conviction of right & wrong. I did the “Ice Cream” Party curriculum this past summer with about 7 clubs. It shows 4 different ways kids act about stealing … The children do NOT admire the kid who feels no guilt at the end of story.