Discount for On-Campus Students
A 40% scholarship for those who qualify is available. Inquire about details from the CMI Campus Registrar or your Child Evangelism Fellowship® State Director.
On-Campus Training
The Spring 2022 On-Campus Children’s Ministries Institute dates are January 25-April 22, 2022.
CMI Online Training
Sign in to access the wide array of online courses and resources! Registration for the Spring 2022 session for online Children's Ministries Institute courses is open November 12, 2021 through December 29, 2021. Courses begin on January 11, 2022. Questions? Email
Teen Training
Teens ages 15 and up are now eligible to enroll in the Teaching Children Effectively™ Level 1 or Level 2 courses offered online at!

The Children’s Ministries Institute (CMI) provides specialized, practical training in children’s ministries not found in Bible colleges or Christian universities.

If you have a heart for reaching children for Christ and discipling them, if you desire to train others in this ministry or if you are seeking career opportunities in this field, CMI is just what you are looking for.

Courses are offered related to the following areas:

Children’s Ministries
Gain insights for understanding, evangelizing and discipling children through a variety of methods and programs.

Teacher Training
Pass on your training and passion for children by systematically discipling and equipping teachers to minister effectively to children.

Leadership Development
Called to ministry? Cultivate the qualities necessary to administrate a children’s ministry and to give godly leadership.

The Spring 2022 On-Campus Children’s Ministries Institute dates are January 25-April 22, 2022. A 40% scholarship for those who qualify is available. Inquire about details from the CMI Campus Registrar or your Child Evangelism Fellowship® State Director.

One of the unique features of the Children’s Ministries Institute’s residential program is the structure of its curriculum. CMI operates a 12-week modular program consisting of one- and two-week courses. Each module stands alone; however, some modules have prerequisites for entrance.

Among the benefits of this structure is that it enables many people to attend CMI for short term study and thereby complete their training in a convenient manner over a period of time. However, students are encouraged to enroll in the full 12-week diploma program, when possible.

Numerous accredited colleges offer credit for this training. As well, Children’s Ministries Institute is a recognized provider of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by the Association of Christian Schools International.

CMI online training resources are designed to meet the busy lifestyles of those who minister to children. Online resources include demonstrations, seminars, and courses that provide biblical, practical instruction on a variety of topics.

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Not sure if online learning is right for you?  You can enroll in the FREE three-week Romans Road for Children course to experience online learning for yourself!

A Master Teacher Certificate can be earned online by completing the following four courses related to direct ministry to children:
      • Teaching Children Effectively™ Level 1
      • Understanding Today’s Child
      • Progressive Methods of Child Evangelism
      • Teaching Children Effectively™ Level 2
There are a total of six Children’s Ministries Institute courses now available online. For a complete list, Sign in and select Courses from the sidebar menu. Narrow your search by selecting Children’s Ministries Institute from the All Categories dropdown.

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