Current Students

Registration Process

Students must apply to the Children’s Ministries Institute and receive notice of their acceptance by the academic committee before he or she can register for on campus, online courses, or IOT courses. Students who have previously been accepted as a student and have taken courses at the Children’s Ministries Institute do not need to apply again.

(The application process will take three to four weeks.)

Once you have been accepted as a student, follow the instructions below to register for on campus, online or IOT courses*.

On Campus Registration

Students should complete a registration form each time they return to the main campus to take a course. This Registration Form must be received by the Registrar at least three weeks before the start date of the course you’re registering for in order for the paperwork to be processed.

Online Registration

Students must register individually for each course they desire to take online. Course registrations are only open for a period of two weeks. These dates will be advertised on the online training site. Since there are a limited number of students allowed in each course, students are encouraged to enroll early during the registration period to ensure placement in the course of their choice.

IOT Registration

Additional requirements must be met by those desiring to enroll in an Instructor of Teachers course. These requirements include recommendation by a full-time CEF staff worker.